Company profile

In the year 1991, Dao-Heuang Import-Export Co., Ltd was established to operate its full business of import, export and duty free shop.

The imported goods include whisky, wine, tobacco and perfumes. Since the Lao PDR is a land lock country,
the company vision is to trade with neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and China.

In addition to the advantages of geographical location
and Laos' rich natural resources, the company has gained valuable insight and experience over the years and used this knowledge to manufacture a product to be exported to existing customers in neighbouring countries and this first product was the 'Dao Coffee'. The company now has a coffee plantation with an area of approximately 250 hectares located in Ban Chansavang, Pakxong District, Champasack Province and the plantation area can yield harvests of 500 tons per year which is valued to be worth at least 1.1 million USD.

The company's factory has three modern machines for production of coffee beans. The company has already established numerous businesses such as Dao-Heuang Duty Free Shops, Dao Coffee, Air Booking Services,
Real Estate Rental, Pharmaceutical Products with more coming in the near future.

Dao-Heuang Group is presently focusing its resources to develop the Agriculture, Industrial, Import-Export and Service industry. The company's vision is to go beyond and expand into other sectors in the near future.

Dao-Heuang Group has rapidly developed into a first class business capable of generating new and additional sources of income for the Lao government and most importantly, providing employment opportunities and fostering growth for the country.

In 2007, Dao-Heuang combined its branches and sectors into one and is now known as 'Dao-Heuang Group'

There are 2 main branches of Dao-Heuang Group

Vientiane Office
No.437, Unit 26, Kamphengmeuang Ave. Hongkair Village, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R.

Tel. : (+856 -21) 457044
Fax : (+856-21) 457013

Champasack Branch
333 Ban Phonkung, Mekong River Crossing Bridge Avenue, Pakse, Champasack, Lao P.D.R.

Tel. : (+856-31) 253 333
Fax : (+856-31) 255 333